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About Found By Design

Back in early 2003, Ed Nailor started a new career as a mortgage professional. Quickly he learned that he should have a website and after making several calls to website designers and developers, the quotes left him both amazed and perplexed. The quotes averaged $7,500 for a basic website with a few pages and additional charges down the road if he wanted to add more pages. This did not include any “hosting” and unless one was familiar with editing HTML code, there was always a place to sink more money in the hole. It was quickly decided that outsourcing would just not do!

Ed grew up playing with computers… his first a Commodore Vic 20. Understanding the basics of how things worked, he rolled up his sleeves and jumped in. Soon, his first basic website was created using HTML and the basic tools of the time. Soon came learning about hosting, FTP transfers and the multitude of different program languages available. PHP and mySQL quickly became a favorite programming language allowing for websites that were both dynamic and interactive.

After getting a website that had the look he wanted, his next step was to get people to find it. After all, if someone came to his mortgage website, chances are they wanted a mortgage… made it that much easier to provide them with what they needed, right?! So began the journey into the world of SEO (search engine optimization.) SEO brought about a few decisions… which hat would be worn? After studying the differences between Black and White Hat SEO strategies, Ed decided that doing things the right way and finding the best and most productive ways to promote his websites online using White Hat techniques would lead to long term strength in the search engines without risky behavior that can get websites banned!

His success in building top ranking, lead generating websites lead to requests by others for similar websites and rankings. As the mortgage industry went through its major “meltdown”, Ed decided to start a new venture built upon the foundation of the website knowledge he had gained. Attractive designs, easy to use administration and fair up-front pricing were all key factors in the Found By Design model.

Today, Ed’s focus is dedicated towards helping others get Found online. What took Ed years to learn and master is now available to you for a fraction of what the website “designers” and “experts” will charge you. This experience and expertise will help not only mortgage and real estate professionals top the search engines, but the same ideas and strategies can be applied to any website need. Don’t spend the next months and years trying to figure it all out yourself. Let us help you take the fast track to the top at a fraction of the cost others will charge.

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