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Check Out the New Look

More Than a Fresh Coat of Paint

Major upgrade from "old" version, don't you think?

Major upgrade from "old" version, don't you think?

Well, we have finally unveiled the new look and feel of Found By Design, including a new logo and everything! We are at least 98% done with the changes, with a few new features still to come. However, we are happy with the new look and hope that you enjoy it as well. The new look however is more than just a “fresh coat of paint!” We have re-organized the entire website, adding the FocusBlog™ functionality and even tightened up some of the security on the site itself. However, we feel the sweat and tears were worth it and now are really proud to show off our website!

The overall website design was done using a modified version of a “premium theme” that was purchased. Although we have the ability to design our own sites, there are also a number of sweet designs already out there and this one just seemed to fit what we wanted. Why re-invent what already worked? We had to make some coding modifications to fit our needs and to include the functionality we expect in our websites, but using this design allowed us to cut the design time in half! Redesigning a website is no small undertaking. Between updating content and the organization of the site itself, new websites for clients still needed to be done. So in order to maintain our commitment to taking care of clients while rebuilding our own main site dictated this approach.

All in all we are very happy with the look, feel and functionality and look forward to seeing how the ROI turns out. Long term, the new look should help convey the professional image that we want to establish while allowing us to focus on providing more content for our clients to learn from as well as the creation of the best in affordable websites for business development.

So tell us… what do you think? Do you like the look and feel?

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