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Introducing BA Eldridge Interiors

Welcome to Found By Design!

We are proud to announce our newest client, BA Eldridge Interiors, to the Found By Design family! BA Eldridge Interiors is an interior design firm in Charlotte, NC handling both residential and commercial interior design. Their tagline is “Design for your lifestyle. ”

BA Eldridge Interiors helps you to create and define your style. Whether it is Residential or Commercial your goal is the same, to create a space that reflects you and what you see as the needs of the space. We work with you from concept to design to installation, to bring you the lifestyle design that you desire.

As a CQRID certified designer Barbara brings extensive experience and qualifications. She is an Interior Design Society Professional member as well as certified in the Dewey Color System. With more than twenty five years experience in design and consultation, she brings knowledge and experience to every design job.

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Thanks to Bobbie Cox at for the referral!

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