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Now Hiring

Seeking Top Quality People

Seeking Top Quality People

Found By Design is now hiring qualified independent sales associates to work from home selling and promoting the Found By Design system. Qualified candidates should have a high desire to succeed along with strong telephone sales skills.

We are seeking individuals that are self motivated, reliable, ethical and want more from life. Set your own hours and your own pay!

Average producers will earn from $35-50k. Top producers can earn from $100k or more! We are growing and seeking the right individuals to grow with us.

If you would like more information, please contact us or fax your resume to 866-591-7487 for immediate interviews. You do not have to live in the immediate Charlotte NC area. This position is open to applicants within the US.

This job is perfect for anyone with experience in telemarketing sales, telephone sales, internet sales, mortgage sales, real estate sales. This is a real opportunity… Submit your resume now!

Written Sep 22, 2008 by Ed Nailor

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