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Terms of Use and Legal Stuff

All content, ideas, suggestions and frankly anything else you find on belongs to us. You can not republish, copy, alter or downright steal anything from our site without our express consent. Of course, it ain’t stealing if you have permission!

We love having you here. But even as a visitor to our website, you must agree to live by and adhere to these terms. If not, then please find another website to visit.


Comments are permitted on most articles and posts. However, they are moderated to ensure comments are appropriate and fit within the context of the message. In other words, we want you to add to the discussion, but please keep it clean!


Linking to is highly encouraged. We do ask that you use one of our preferred terms when linking to our home page;However, if you are linking to one of our internal pages, feel free to use the title of that page as your link text.

Preferred inbound link text options:

Requesting links from We are as selective as you are when it comes to linking to others. If you feel your website would be a good match for linking, please contact us and ask about an exchange.

Email Address Policy

Email addresses collected by Found By Design will be kept private and will never be sold or re-distributed for any reason (unless required by law.) A valid email address is required for all clients for general communication. Found By Design also collects email addresses as need in various places of the website for marketing purposes. All communications are optional and may be terminated at any time. All email marketing is an opt-in meaning that an email address was voluntarily submitted, and may be terminated at will. We strongly disapprove of spam and pledge to not spam our clients or prospective clients. If you feel email communication is too frequent or not relevant, simply unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. One exception: Clients must maintain a valid email address on file for important notices and updates. However, additional communication, such as marketing and training may be opted out. If a client wishes to opt-out of all communication, or fails to provide a valid working email address, it will result in a suspension/termination of the client’s account.

Current and prospective clients was created to help you achieve high visibility, greater SEO success and a dominate online web presence. We believe in our methods and suggestions. That being said, no one can guarantee anything along these lines as there are many factors that play into top positions on search engines. Therefore as a client, you agree and understand that we can not make any promises, either expressed or implied, as to the placement of your website on any given search engine for any given keyword or phrase.

You also understand that due to the nature of website design and hosting, that the services provided are not in the form of durable goods. This means that there are no refunds. However, we do not require contracts either (under normal circumstances) so if you find that you do not like our services, you may cancel and leave without any liability. That being said, the design and functionality of your website is a result of the fees you are paying. Unless agreed upon in writing, the design and content of your website that is provided by will remain our property and will not be transferred elsewhere. If you are considering leaving and would like to take the content you have contributed with you, please contact us about our Moving Package in which we can export all your content to be used with another service that can support an XML import feed. (there is a fee for this service.) Once you have canceled the account, you will no longer have access to your account. We will hold your account for 30 days before it is deleted, at which time all contents of your website will be removed and will not be recoverable. Cancellation of service does not release you of any outstanding obligations for which you may owe

Prohibited Content

We value our reputation and bet that you do too. Therefore, we have adopted a list of categories that we will not permit content or activities to fall into. Content or activities using our service that falls into one of these categories could cause your website and service to be suspended. And since our own service agreements disallow some of this content, we will enforce this pretty strictly.

Prohibited content or activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Website content deemed overtly sexual in nature or images that display pornography (adult or child)
  • Gambling or casino style websites or content
  • Warez style sites that provide illegal copies of copyright protected programs
  • Spamming, phishing or spyware/trojan software or emails
  • Anything prohibited by law (US Federal Law, NC State Law or your local / state Laws)
  • Any content that promotes hatred, discrimination or acts of violence.

This service is a voluntary service in which you enter into agreement of your own free will. Therefore, there are no promises or guarantees as to the outcome from use of our services. (and United Marketing Companies, LLC) will not be held liable for any loss or damage (real or interpreted, direct or indirect) that arise from your voluntary use of these services. Our service is managed and operated in Indian Trail, NC and by using our services you agree that any claims or legal issues will be addressed in the legal jurisdiction of Union County, North Carolina. You further agree that any disputes or legal issues will be settled by binding arbitration by a firm chosen by United Marketing Companies, LLC.

Subject to Change

These terms and conditions of service and legal terms are subject to change without prior written notice. Any changes will be posted on this website and continued use of the website and / or its services is considered to be complete acceptance of its terms. For more information, or to address any concerns, please write to us at the following address:

United Marketing Companies, LLC
Att: Found By Design Concerns
PO Box 1973
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Bottom line is this… we want to help you get to the top of the search engines and create a seriously dominate online presence. If we all work together in harmony, there is little chance that any of these terms will have any bearing on our lives!