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Blogging for Business

Blogging the right way can be awesome for your business!

Blogging the right way can be awesome for your business!

So you heard that blogging could be good for your business and you want to check it out. Well, great news! Found By Design will help you not only figure out what blogging is, but also how to do it for business!

The Blog

Blogging began as an online diary in which people expressed opinions, shared what they were doing or posted family photographs (read more on Blog Organizational Theory for more details.) Businesses began adding these to their websites to communicate with current and potential clients and customers.

From a business perspective, business blogging is more like writing articles about your business, your products, your client’s experiences, ect. Since blogs started off as an online diary, the idea of blogging has confused some business owners and managers wondering how they would create a “business diary.” But if you take the approach of adding articles about your business, you can see how this could be an advantage for you and your business.

Advantages of Business Blogging:

  • easy communication tool
  • gives business a more human face
  • contributes to branding and promotions
  • invites interactivity with customers
  • allows those interested in your business to stay up to date
  • provides additional website content for search engines

How Matters

If you have a website or are thinking of developing a website, blogging should be a part of the site itself. But don’t just treat it as an after-thought, nor ask your “webmaster” to just “add a blog” to your site. Traditional blogs are organized like a diary, based on the time and date an entry was added. For business, this doesn’t really work, so just adding any old blog system to your website could cause you problems (see FocusBlog™ vs. Tradtional Blogging for more info.)

The basic functionality and idea behind blogging should be an integral part of your website. It should be built in, easy to use and simple to maintain. It should focus on your subject content, keep it well organized and easy to find (for your visitors) and it should help generate leads for future business. It should be designed as a search engine magnet and it should help you get online. And for you greatest success, it should be a FocusBlog™ by Found By Design!