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Blog Organization Theory

Organizing properly can make all the difference

Organizing properly makes a difference

Deciding how to organize your “blog” can be a very important part of the success of your website. For the basis of this page, we will assume that the website in question is basically a blog site. What many people do not recognize about the Found By Design system is that it is based on Blog Theory. However, most people would not see that as none of our websites come off looking like a personal blog! And that is done for a reason.

What the Heck is a Blog?

Let’s start off by getting this whole “blog” term identified. “Blog” is short for “web log.” When blogging first began, they were merely online diaries that were made available to friends, family or the entire world. The blogger would often write on a daily basis on subjects that ranged from what they did that day, to photos of trips and even about simple opinions on the news of the day. It was seen as a way to express one’s self in a new and in many ways, a bold way!

Eventually, everyone seemed to have a personal blog with even businesses began to get in on the action. From a business perspective, blogging was a great way to provide open communication to clients and customers, and to keep them informed as to what was going on in their business. It kinda put a personal face on “big business!”

One of the downsides when it came to business however, was the basis of how blogging began. Blogging, since it was mostly “diary” inspired, was set up on a time-line basis.  This meant that the most recent entry would be the first thing you would read while earlier entries would tend to get pushed down. And for most blogs, when you visited the website, you were thrown right into the middle of the most recent entry! If as a vistor you were looking for something specific, you had to search for it which is not the best way to design a website.

The Wrong Approach for Business

In too many cases, web designers look at blogs as a basic “add-on”… as an afterthought. “Oh yeah, you wanted a blog huh?” Then they throw a basic blog on the site, add a quick link on the menu and wish the website owner well. The blog portion of the site becomes a separate entity and has a separate look and feel… and in too many cases doesn’t even provide an easy way for the visitor to get to the main website! That my friends is the wrong approach!

When website visitors have to search to figure out where things are buried, or have to study the URL address to find their way to the main website, they leave. That’s right… they leave the website and go elsewhere! A business making it difficult on their prospective clients and customers to simply navigate their website is just insane!

The FocusBlog™ Approach

At Found By Design, our focus for your website is taking you to the top of the search engines while allowing you to obtain more leads on your website. If your visitors are running away from your website, your rank in the search engines don’t matter. So with that in mind, we have changed the way your website is organized to be Topic Focused. So while having the core ability to “blog” remains a major part of the Found By Design system, the way we organize the entries just makes so much more sense.

Articles about Subject 1 are found at the Subject 1 page. Subject 2 articles are found at the Subject 2 page… kinda makes sense huh? So for example, lets say you have a website about cars and you have 3 subject pages (Models, Car Care and Car Parts).  When you write an article about a new model of car, that article would appear on the Models page. An article about car care would appear on the Car Care page… and so on. With a typical blog, you’d have these all intertwined making for one big mess. See more about the differences between Traditional blogging vs. the FocusBlog™.

You Have a Better Choice

Now you have a better choice when it comes to a business website that includes the “blogging” strategy. Until now, a vast majority of web designers did not put 2 and 2 together and while their websites could be very attractive, the functionality just did not work. Found By Design presents the FocusBlog™ as the answer to organizing your website in a new topic focused way… a way that works and actually encourages more leads!