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The Danger in 3rd Party Blogs

Chancing your future on Free?

Many industries have begun to discover the power a blog can have on the web. For many they use 3rd party websites like Yahoo, AOL or other sites that provide free online blogs. While the blog may be free, you may be in for a big shock.

AOL shuts down blogging site

AOL Shuts off Blogs in 2008 leaving users with no way to recover

October of 2008 shocked many AOL users as AOL shut down the Hometown section of their website. This was the free online blog and journal section of AOL and after reading several posts online, it appears that it happened with no warning. This has left an untold number of AOL users out in the cold with no way to recover the work or information they have put on the Hometown website.

Using a 3rd party solution is scary as you are never in control of the solution. Even if they promise it will always be free, they could one day begin charging. Or worse, shut down without notice. Then all your hard work is gone. If you have a free mortgage or real estate blog, you should keep this in mind.

Blogging is a great way to get noticed online. Found By Design actually incorporates blogging techniques within our designs. This creates a uniform feel and not like you have some detached “blog” on your website that just makes no sense.

Before you begin to blog for business, you should look at the options and weigh the potential issues. While free sounds great, it can also cost you your business! For more information on how integrated blogging can make a major impact on your online strategies, contact