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FocusBlog™ vs Traditional Blogging

So which is better? Blogging or the Found By Design FocusBlog™? Well, of course, you already know OUR answer… but let’s back that up a bit and explain why!

Traditional Blog

Traditional blogging uses bad organizational methods for business

Traditional blogging uses bad organizational methods for business

Have you ever gone to someone’s office only to wonder how they got anything done? Their desk is an absolute mess with papers and folders just stacked all over the place. Or how about looking a doctor looking for a patient’s file when they all just stacked on the floor, last one seen on top? Do you think this is the best way to organize things?

The problem with traditional blogging is the organization method. Traditional blogging relies on the first in - last out method of organization. In other words, the first entry entered is the last one you ever see… and you have to search to find it! While this may be acceptable for traditional blogs that are used for diary and photo purposes, this presents a major problem for a business website.

Most businesses get a website because they want to encourage more business. The idea of blogging brings about the possibility of creating a human face to a corporate business and that can foster more business (see more about Business Blogging.) However, just adding a traditional blog to your business website can cause major issues. A timeline based approach to organization, a different navigation system than the main website and in most cases a totally different look and feel can turn a great number of visitors away.

If the blog pages of a company’s website have different navigation and a different visual look, this can confuse visitors. With an organizational method that is akin to stacking page of page on top each other based on the day they were written, visitors may have a tough time finding what they are looking for. And while there is a very active “blogging community” on the internet, the majority of visitors on a website are not so tech saavy that they totally get the “blogging thing!”


FocusBlog™ organizational method works for business!

FocusBlog™ organizational method works for business!

With the Found By Design FocusBlog™, you get a much cleaner approach to article organization. The FocusBlog™ is integrated throughout your website and most visitors would never know that your website is based on a blog architecture. As a matter of fact, any page you create can easily become a FocusBlog™ page.

So what is the difference? Well, back to the office space analogy… Ever walked into a well organized office? How about that doctor that finally got all the charts and folders properly labeled and organized? Things are easier to find and much easier to navigate! And things simply work!

The challenge for most people is determining HOW to organize. The FocusBlog™ system does this for you! And the difference it can make for your business is amazing!

With a Found By Design website for business, your look, feel and navigation are seemless. Pages are easily transformed to a FocusBlog™ page at your simple command, and your visitors find what they are looking for. Your website becomes very well organized and this gives potential clients and customers a much better feel for how you will handle their business.

An added bonus is the Search Engine Optimization that is built in to the FocusBlog™ method. All your content about one subject is easily found on one page… meaning that this page becomes super “focused” on a subject (see where the FocusBlog™ gets its name?) So when someone is looking for a particular subject that you happen to have information about, you are looked on much more like an expert since your information is all consicely organized!

More Rewards and More Leads

Blogging, article writing, (or whatever you want to call it) is a great thing and can help you reap great rewards for your business. But if you do it the old fashioned traditional way, you will work twice as hard for half the results! With the Found By Design FocusBlog™, you can get your information organized, focused and begin to generate more and more leads!