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Bing Misses the Mark with Twitter

After hearing about the Bing / Twitter search association, I began to get some great expectations. It seems Microsoft is working hard to make Bing a worthy opponent, and I expect they will eventually. So when they announced a partnership with Twitter for search results, I began to see a real jump. After all, those of us that use Twitter have long hoped it might make some sort of difference with SEO. So I imagined my Twitter posts littering the Bing search results when I searched for something relevant.

Bing / Twitter Just Hype

At this point, this is just hype. When you arrive at Bing, you have to click on the “Twitter Search” located at the bottom of Bing’s home page. It seems they are running a different engine all alone for Twitter. When you get to this Twitter Search page, you find a list of Hot Topics and some recent Tweets about that topic. Oh, yeah and you can search the Twitter tweets for any subject you like. [yawn]

How Bing Missed It

Bing - Twitter: Just A Tweet about Nothing!

Bing - Twitter: Just A Tweet about Nothing! (1)

Bing should be integrating Twitter in the actual search results in some way. Even if they aren’t in the full list of search results, there should be something in a sidebar with relevant Twitter posts… maybe under the Related Searches? This would be more of an integration. What they offer now is nothing better than what I can do at Twitter, or on most of the Twitter programs out there for your computer! I guess the idea is that I am at Twitter posting something, and well I wonder who else is posting about this… oh, I know.. BING! Yeah, right. Twitter’s integrated #search feature allows you to click on a subject preceded by the # sign and get instant results. In the sidebar of Twitter I can see the top Topics right there… So what is Bing offering?

Microsoft’s Mindset Strikes Again

Microsoft has seriously gotten too full of themselves. They automatically assume that 90% of the online users NEED them to find what they are seeking, just like 90% of computer users need them to operate a PC or a word processor. Microsoft has proven themselves with Windows and Office. But they have yet to figure out the internet (which surprises me quite a bit!) So instead of coming up with something awesome that adds value to the user, they simply copy the functions of Twitter and slap the Bing logo to the top. I guess they save real value add-ons for the paying customers!

I guess we will see what Google does with this. Not sure how they will integrate Twitter, but it will be much more creative than Bing. Then again, maybe Microsoft is just in a rush to get Twitter on their search page FIRST, that they don’t care if it is a waste of time. Maybe they will improve it, but for now… I am not impressed. Bing missed the mark in a big way.

What’s Your Take on Twitter and Bing?

Everyone has a different perspective, so I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. What are your thoughts? Comment below…

1. Image: “TweetBing” by Ed Nailor


  1. I tried the search yesterday just to see if it returned some relevant searches for our niche. And it did, but only a page. I then added a tweet to see how long it would be before it showed up. About 2mins. But, I basically got the same thing if I searched Twitter.

    I did notice no ads were on the Bing page.

    Your sidebar idea is a good one, but I don’t really want to see Twitter in the main results. I would be worried about the first page being cluttered with more stuff.

    Bing certainly can make this better. But, I believe people will get frustrated if the results become cluttered with Tweets. This could be a great time for a new SE to rise up and conquer.

    cd :O)

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