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Case Study: Alaska Home Loans

Google Top Ten in Under 10

As many of you know, I also manage a mortgage website which is a left over from my “prior life.” While I still maintain my mortgage license and website, this is becoming less and less a focus as Found By Design continues to grow. Since I have done the right work using the right techniques, it is very easy to maintain my mortgage website in the top rankings! Today I used my own personal mortgage website to test the power of my own system.

Click image for actual screenshot

Click image for actual screenshot

In my prospecting, I ran across a search in Google for “Alaska Home Loans.” I decided to use this search term for a case study. The goal was to take my personal mortgage website which has been focused on the Charlotte, NC mortgage market and see if I could get it ranked on the first couple pages of the “Alaska Home Loans” search.

At 12.57pm, I posted a quick article about Alaska Home Loans. I did not employ every single technique I teach, so this was a quick “rough draft”, if you will. However, just using the simple article on a super-charged website, at 1.08pm I found that my “Charlotte NC Mortgage Website” was now ranked on page 1 of Google for the same “Alaska Home Loans” search in the 8th position in under 10 minutes!

Now, if you happen to view this article months down the road, I guarantee you I will no longer be ranked. I will not continue to focus on this keyphrase with my Charlotte mortgage website. But I do guarantee you that if I chose to, I could dominate that market!

This is the power of the Found By Design system. It’s more than just a website. While others are hocking “websites” we are helping you create a true online presence.. one that you have control over!

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