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Good Morning YouTube - Get More Article Ideas

Seek alternative idea sources

Seek alternative idea sources

A lot of the content here at Found By Design is dedicated to SEO. Why? Simply put, SEO strategy is an ongoing fluid thing. Search engines evolve and change the way they do things and it seems like there is something new almost every day! So to keep up with the changes can almost be a full time job! Since you have more important things to focus on, we want to be more than just a website designer. We want to be your total website provider, one that actively provides SEO advice for our clients.

This morning while exploring new ideas, discussions and news related to the practice of optimizing websites for greater search engine access, I spent quite a bit of time on YouTube. Sure, YouTube has a ton of “Hey! Look at me make a fool of myself” type of videos, but it can also be a great resource for finding information related to the interests you may have. In this case, watching videos from Matt Cutts, one of the most well known Google engineers, became the fodder for my information gathering. Topics of Matt’s videos ranged from the Mac vs. PC debate to a question about why Big Brands seem to rank so well (hint… they complain to Google that they should rank higher in many cases!)

The main point of this article is to suggest that when you are seeking information about a topic, be open to other resources for article fodder. Sure, you can recycle the news, rehash what another blogger wrote about, or even answer a question that has been asked numerous times. But sometimes you will find that an alternative source of information, such as YouTube, might inspire you to create something new. This morning, I got a few ideas of future topics and articles. Even a couple ideas on new content features for my website!

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