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Google Secrets - Why doesn’t Google Tell Us Everything

Google is Keeping Secrets (1)

Google is Keeping Secrets (1)

Recently I read an post on a webmaster’s forum discussing the secrets of search engines that Google will not tell you. The gist of the posting was that Google will not tell you what successful webmasters are doing to get ranked. It also indicated that webmasters themselves are not sharing much of the information. Personally, I think the nature of business is overlooked too often when discussing issues like this.

From Google’s standpoint, they are an advertising business. They have built a solid and very profitable business based on selling ads along with “organic” search engine results. These results are based on their interpretation of what they feel is important to their end users. Do they care if their end users are actually finding what they are looking for? Of course… but not because they actually care about the end user’s experience. Rather, they want to remain the #1 search engine in the eyes of the end users. So they continue research and make changes to algorithms to maintain that top position. The competition is gunning for them, so they must continue to change and evolve.

From a successful webmaster’s point of view… why in the world would they willingly provide their competition the exact formula to supplant them within the organic search results? I for one will share tips and ideas, but will never provide a straight out formula guaranteed to get anyone to the top. It is the time, effort and knowledge gained that allows me to not only get to the top, but stay there. And since this is an ever changing formula, this requires the webmaster stay on their game or get supplanted.

I guess it all comes from your purpose for being online. If you are seeking to make money, then your motivations are different and you focus on getting ranked highly in a search engine so that you can earn more money. If your desire is to be part of a global web where ideas are freely shared and information is the great equalizer… well, (and how do I say this tactfully?)… maybe you should create a new search engine that is not focused or predicated on making a profit. Of course, there will be a need for money to make it all work… so good luck with that.

All things in life are a business. All things live or die based on the profit they make. Even the best of the “free web” need to be monetized in some way. Even “non-profits” still make profits. If they go in the negative, they die.

So if we are to understand these basic principles, we need to understand that to get to the top of the search engine results, we either have to spend the time and effort in our own research, testing and learning, or be willing to pay a price for the knowledge someone else has accumulated. If time is truly money, then only you (the potential webmaster) can determine if your time or money should be spent on such things.

he benefit of using services such as Found By Design is that you can save the time and trouble of trying to figure it all out for yourself. Our system and process is designed to help the average user shorten the time from start to top of SERPs, while also being affordable. From websites that get ranked, to SEO services for business, Found By Design is here to assist you in getting to the top!

(1) Image credit: Can I Tell You A Secret, by Aleera @ Flickr

Written Nov 03, 2009 by Ed Nailor

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