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How To NOT Avoid Low Quality Incoming Links

Avoiding Low Quality Links? Why you can't!

Avoiding Low Quality Links? Why you can't!

Low Quality Incoming Links… Avoiding Them?

There seems to be talk in the SEO community about avoiding “low quality” incoming links. “Low quality” incoming links commonly refer to links from websites that are unrelated to your website and have little to no “Page Rank” with Google.

The Problem with Low Quality Links

Many in the SEO world don’t like “low quality” links. They feel that the addition of low quality links comes off as spammy and will detract from the overall power of links pointing to their websites. They would much rather have less links, but from high ranking, high “Page Rank” websites, as these links are your more coveted links since Google tends to give them more weight. However, when it comes to link building,  in my opinion, this is a bit misguided and unrealistic!

The Goal of Incoming Links

All webmasters are looking to add links to their website to help boost their rankings in the search engines. Since links to a website are viewed as “popularity votes” by the search engines, they are an important aspect of SEO. When the stronger and more popular websites link to a site, it tends to be considered a more valuable link. (Sound like high school?) Links from small, less popular websites still count, but with less influence. So ultimately you want to be linked to from the bigger sites.

That being said, you have more opportunity to develop your own links from the smaller websites. For example, you can visit a couple related blogs a day and add comments to their topics. If you select “Dofollow” blogs, you will get a link back from the website you commented on. However, some see these sites as low quality as they are well known to allow links, so they can be abused. Sure, this may be right, but the ability to easily add your own link to a major website that is actually followed by the search engines is so much smaller. And if those websites exist, they are also well documented for others to exploit!

The Reality of Links

The reality is that for most websites, getting linked from major websites like CNN or CNET is nearly impossible. In most cases, the lower “quality” links are much easier to get. So why avoid them? Since links are votes in popularity, the more you have, the better. Of course, you will want to avoid certain links, like those from adult sites, warwez sites, etc. However, getting a ton of links from smaller websites and blogs can have a positive effect on your own website’s rankings.

How to NOT avoid Low Quality Links

So what if you still want to avoid these low quality links? Well, that’s easy… offer no content and no reason for someone to link to you! You see, if you ever land those coveted links from “top quality” websites, you will have to have built a site that makes those sites want to link to you. And if your site is that awesome, there likelihood that smaller websites will also mention you in links is pretty good. And there is no way to stop someone from linking to you! So the reality of this is that you can not avoid low quality links! So if you are going to get them anyway, take control of who links (as much as possible) and what the links are like!


  1. Fortunate to be the first commenter here. Very nice post, I must thank you for clarifying the doubts about low quality backlinks. Till today I saw everyone speaking the same stuff about the low quality backlinks and discouraging them, while encouraging few number of quality backlinks. But you have very nicely put forward your theory and proved that low quality links cannot be harmful, if they are not fruitful anyway. I would like a post from you on how do we search for dofollow blogs or how do we carve a link building strategy and proceed towards a healthy link building with links satisfying all the criteria that search engines want, especially Google. Or a post on how do we indulge ourselves in quality link building. :)
    Thanks again.

  2. Ed Nailor says:

    @Spam Email Archives: “Low quality links” are the low hanging fruit, typically the easiest to get. However, if you don’t pick your fruit carefully, you may get something rotten that stinks up the whole bunch.

    Same with linking. Just because its on the lower branches, doesn’t mean its rotten. But you have to inspect it and see.

    As with any linking, you can only control what is done on your end. Others will eventually link to your site, if it is worthwhile, including that low hanging fruit!

    Thanks for the comment!

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