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Q&A: Footer Text Options

Recently, we added an option for our clients to allow them to add a custom line of text at the bottom of their website. The intention was to allow them to have an additional point in which they can add basic content that will be site-wide and add to their SEO strategy. One of my clients had a question about this and asked me to explain further. Here is my reply:

At the bottom of the page there is a line of text that you can change to fit whatever you want to be there.  For example, on my website ( I have my set to show the following line:

Found By Design is a website design firm located in the Charlotte NC area, specializing in affordable websites and SEO strategy that help website owners establish a strong online presence that generates more business!

What this does is allow me to add additional base keywords that reinforce what my website is about, i.e. “website design firm”, “affordable websites”, “SEO strategy”, “strong online presence” and “generate more business.”

This text is displayed on all pages, so should be used as an overall description of what your website is about. Each page will highlight specific facets of that business, with this tying it all together. Just be careful that you don’t just lay a bunch of keywords in there… a bad example using my website might be:

“Website design, web site design, designing websites, seo, seo strategy, strategy for seo…”

You see, just adding keywords like this would be considered keyword stuffing, a practice of just adding keywords in repetition in order to manipulate the search engine rankings. For the end user, the one visiting the website, these series of words would mean nothing at all. The search engines are looking for valid content to deliver to their own visitors, and manipulation such as stuffing keywords can produce the wrong results.

The footer text option is not designed to be used for keyword stuffing, but should provide a general overview of what the site is about for the reader. Whatever you place in this area should in fact be targeted to the end user, not specifically the search engines. However, as with any content you write, careful consideration on what keywords you are focusing on and where they are placed within the content is prudent.

Written Sep 29, 2009 by Ed Nailor

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