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Quit Complaining About Google

Quit Complaining About Google (1)

Quit Complaining About Google (1)

I am getting rather tired of web “professionals” that want to complain about Google, and for that matter other search engines as well. Its one thing to offer criticism on what and how search engines work and perform as a way to offer suggestions on how they can improve. But what I am referring to are the complaints about how Google doesn’t do this or that and how they are “evil” in some way because they don’t simply give a lazy webmaster what they want.

Some of the complaints that are most frequent involve Google not indexing their all important website, or ranking another website above theirs. Of course they can come up with all types of conspiracy theories to uphold their complaints, but in reality they are just being lazy or focusing in the wrong place.

Instead of working with the search engines and optimizing their content and structure to accommodate the search engine’s requirements, they complain that the search engines aren’t playing fair or doing things right. One thing that gets lost is the fact that is owned by Google, Inc. Google, Inc is a company that needs to make a profit to survive and grow. Their main source of revenue comes from ad placements within the search results they display. is not a community driven website in which the users vote a website to be more important. It is a system in which Google, Inc does the best they can to provide a FREE service that attracts online users to use the service in finding websites relevant to their needs. Google makes the decisions as to which are most relevant, based upon their own internal systems. As long as the results continue to be relevant, users continue to return.

This is a basic principle in business. Provide a service people want to use and keep them coming back for more. Find a way to make money with that and “poof”… you have success.

Am I a major advocate for Google? Well, not really. I don’t mind Google at all. As a matter of fact, I use Google to serve my own purposes, both in searches but also in getting my websites ranked so that others will find MY websites in those searches. Actually, I am an advocate for good business and the ability to make a profit and a living. I do not believe that making a profit is evil, and while some argue it may be evil if it is at the expense of someone else, I would argue that ALL profit is at the expense of someone else, no matter how big or small. If you have a job, you are preventing someone else from having the job you are doing. So in that your job is at the expense of someone else that could use that job.

So for those of you that are complaining about Google, quit. Google is not costing you anything, and if you do your job as a webmaster correctly, this FREE service can actually help you make money!

(1) Image credit: “Just Expressing Her Opinion” by Cayusa @Flickr

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