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Search and Replace Simplified

InfoRapid Search and Replace

InfoRapid Search and Replace

If you have ever needed to replace text in documents or files, you know the added benefits of a search and replace function. However, if you are making major changes to a large file, or folder full of files, the basic search and replace can be very time consuming. While working on one or two files isn’t that big a deal, if you are making changes to a series of several hundred files all intertwined (such as a big content management system), you will need something with major power!

That’s where InfoRapid’s Search and Replace comes in. It can open up all the files within a designated folder, search for the text you request, and even quickly replace with new text. Its fast, easy and WORKS!

The program hasn’t been updated since 2003, but in 2009 it is working just fine for me! I highly recommend the program if you are working with large files.

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