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Site to Social: Auto Add Articles to Twitter

Automatically Post New Content to Twitter

Automatically Post New Content to Twitter

When you post new articles to your blog or website, you want to get the word out to as many people as possible. For certain blogging platforms, there are a few plugins that can automatically do this for you, but right now there are only a few and their reliability is spotty at best. And what if there isn’t a plugin that will post your articles to Twitter for you?

Introducing TwitterFeed

Auto post with TwitterFeed

Auto post with TwitterFeed

Great news! As long as your website has an RSS feed, you can have your newest articles and posts automatically submitted to your Twitter account for you using the TwitterFeed online service! This FREE service will check your RSS feed on a regular basis and automatically post the newest articles to your Twitter account for you. We just set this up for Found By Design and so far are pretty happy!


Signing up is rather easy. You create a new account by entering your email address and choosing a password. Then you connect your Twitter account to the system, name the feed and add your RSS feed url. For example, Found By Design’s feed is located at

That’s it! Your account is set up.


There are additional settings you can choose on your feed.


You can change the frequency that TwitterFeed checks your RSS feed, anywhere from every 30 minutes to every 24 hours. By default it is set to hourly. Unless you post new articles all the time, you can choose something like every 6 or 12 hours.

Number of updates to post

You can choose how many updates to post at one time. Choices are from 1 to 5. The default is 1.

Post Content

You can choose what you want to post. The options are Title, Description or Both. Default is Both.

Post Link

You can choose to include a link back to the content and even use a URL shortener like or TinyUrl. The default shortener service is (which seems to be among the best!) These URLs use a 301 redirect back to your site, so you end up with the link credit! And we always recommend a link back to your website!

Post Sorting

You can choose how to post your content, based on timestamp (pubDate) or a post ID (GUID). If your RSS feed does not place a timestamp on the article, choose GUID. The default is pubDate.

Post Prefix and Suffix

You can append your Tweet with a prefix or suffix. A typical prefix might be “New article” while a suffix could be “Check it out!”. By default these are blank.

Keyword Filter

You also have the choice to filter your submissions based on keywords where only the keywords submitted would automatically be posted. For all articles, leave this alone. Default setting is unchecked with no keywords.


Overall, this seems to be a very simple and yet flexible way to automatically have new content on your website automatically submitted to Twitter. This could greatly improve your website content visibility and provide additional links back to your site! We give this service 2 thumbs up!

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