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Stealthy Links to Avoid

Avoid These Links to Avoid SERP Penalties

Avoid Paying for Link Building

Avoid Paying for Link Building

Long since Google began total search domination, the practice of SEO (search engine optimization) has evolved. One of the cornerstones of SEO for any website is link building, a method of developing incoming links to your website for a stronger perception of popularity. The search engines have long believed that the more websites on the internet linking to a website, the more important that website must be.

After a while, Google and the other search engines caught on that website owners were creating links just for the purpose of increasing their rankings, and the rules began to change. Since then, incoming links have been looked at more carefully and now some links are worth more than others. Some can even hurt you, which is why we have told our clients to avoid certain types. A couple examples of links to avoid would be linking farms, links from websites with black hat seo efforts, and paid links.

But Not All Paid Links Are Bad, Are They?

In general, paying someone to include your website’s link on their site has been frowned upon. This was seen as an artificial way to build links and gave big companies with large budgets an unfair advantage. Therefore, incoming links to your website that were paid links would be treated as cheating, and could penalize your rankings. Of course, there is nothing wrong with advertising your website, so as long as a “nofollow” tag was included on the link, there would be no penalty, mostly because the “nofollow” tag tells the search engines to ignore the link.

However, search engines can’t read javascript, so there was a way to be stealthy with such links! The idea was that by using inling javascript codes, you could actually link to a website, get credit for the link, but because of the javascript, Google could not tell it was a paid link! Cool huh?

Well, not anymore! Google has gotten smarter, and now, according to Matt Cutts (Google’s main SEO guru), Google can not determine the nature of such links, and even the javascript links need the “nofollow” tag or there could be a penalty for paid linking! Ouch!

So Why Pay For Links?

Paid links still have their place. Its part of advertising, and if you are advertising in the right places, it may be worthwhile to do so. Rember, Google offers an advertising service on their website called Google Adwords. But if your reason for buying the ad link is simply for getting another link back to your website, then this may not be a smart thing to do.

If you do choose to do paid ad links, make sure the website that is hosting your link uses the “nofollow” tag to avoid potential problems. Nothing would be worse that that small ad costing you more than you bargain for! After all, the natural organic search engine results will bring you more traffic over the long term and give you a better ROI than any other advertising method!

Written Sep 21, 2009 by Ed Nailor

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