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The Focus

So what makes the mortgage websites offered by Found By Design different than the competition? This seems to be a very common question… so let’s explore a major difference… The Focus.

Our focus is your success!

Our focus is your success!

What is the focus of the competition? To sell you a website, plain and simple. This is the end result and focus of their work. They don’t care what you do with it or what ranking you may get. However, at Found By Design, our goal is to provide you with a mortgage website that gets ranks, stays ranked and provides you with real leads that you can work.

The competition promises you a lot. And these promises sound pretty good on the surface. For example, they provide you with pages with mortgage content already set and ready to be used. How cool is that?! No need to write anything… they have you covered, right? Yet the problem is that your mortgage website now has the same content as over 10,000 other websites by that provider… this duplicate content will prevent search engines from sending business your way! So here you are paying them for a website that is only found when you hand someone your card! But you already made contact with that prospect, didn’t you?

Our focus is simple… to get you Found By Design. Our design, focus and strategy is to get your loan officer website ranked and get you business. We teach you what others want to charge you for… how to create a powerhouse website that dominates the search engine results!

So assuming you are looking for a mortgage website to expand your mortgage business online, you will want to seriously consider Found By Design. Our mortgage websites are designed to get you found when someone searches for your services… they are gonna find someone… might as well be you!

Written Dec 01, 2008 by Ed Nailor

Category: SEO
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