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Company Website or Personal Website?

Special Note to Mortgage Loan Officers

You just took a job with a local mortgage company. One of the benefits they touted was a website the company proudly provides for their loan officers. That’s great! However, should you rely on that mortgage company website for your online mortgage marketing? The easy answer is no!

mortgage marketing loan officer websites

Which website will you use? This can make a hugh difference on your business!

Mortgage company websites are fine if all you want is something that says you work for the company. But if your mortgage marketing consists of expecting that website to draw you business, you will be disappointed. Most mortgage companies carefully limit the amount of control you have on content on your company website. Even if you can modify the content, I can guarantee you that your company’s loan officer website will not be properly optimized for search engines. After all, no mortgage company wants a loan officer’s website to outrank their corporate website!

By having your own loan officer website for your own mortgage marketing, you have much more control. Not only do you have much more freedom on the content, but you can focus on building YOUR brand instead of just the company’s brand. Remember, people do business with YOU because of you, not the company name.

So when you are considering your online mortgage marketing, you should invest in your own loan officer website. Of course, you will want to ensure your company is ok with this and even check in to what they will allow you to promote (for compliance issues) but if you are developing your own leads with your own online mortgage marketing, most mortgage companies will be supportive.

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