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Website Design Services

Website Design Services by Found By Design

Website Design Services by Found By Design

Great websites are the product of great form and great function. This relies on skills of both a designer and a developer to bring it all together. The designer provides the things you see… the face and form of the website. It includes graphic design, design layout and creating an overall “feel” for the website. The developer works on the things you normally don’t see, but need… namely the code, which creates the functions of the website. This is the stuff you can do with the website, including interactive forms, creating proper linking from page to page and the basis for making a website SEO friendly.

Throughout this site, we will share some tips and techinques we have learned and developed so that you can understand some of what goes in to creating, developing and maintaining a great website! Of course, we won’t be giving away all of our secrets and tricks, but this should give the layman an insight to the world of web development. We use many technologies, including LMAP based such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript and AJAX.

Need Website Design Assistance?

Found By Design is a full service website design service. While our main business is providing top quality ready-made websites that get great results at an affordable price, we can also create custom websites and develop for custom needs. Please contact us with your ideas for more information.