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Design Themes @ Found By Design

Below is a listing of our currently available designs and themes. Click on the image gallery you would like to explore and see larger images and color options. When you are looking at the design, please pay more attention to the overall design and colors, and less on the “content” that was used in the image. If you see a design you like, but would like a different color scheme, you will be given the option of a design modification during the order process.

Custom Designs

Custom Design Showcase
Here are a few select examples of custom design websites we have provided. This will give you a good sampling of the website design capabilities of FoundByDesign.

5 Photos

Essence Series

Clean | Sharp | Professional | Spotlight
The Essence of great design! Clean, sharp and professional with a spotlight on the footer section of the page.

5 Photos

Rev-Pro Series

A professional design that is clean and gets to the heart of the matter. Designed to introduce you as a professional!

2 Photos

OrganicResults Series

A theme with a simple organic feel. The design is elegant and clean, with organic matter in the background. Several color schemes to choose from.

11 Photos

Artistic2 Series

A fun and artistic take on web design. While the feel is artistic, the design is definitely professional and still portrays a great image!

5 Photos

MyPhoto Series

Get out in front of your potential clients! This theme allows you to provide your own photo that is displayed in the header. Great if you want to really want a more custom feel.

6 Photos

Down2Business Series

Clean, energetic and ready to go... that's getting Down2Business! This theme portrays a professional ready to help in any way needed. Let them know you mean to get the job done!

6 Photos

Ready to Go?

Found the design you want? Great! Let’s get your site going quickly! Use the link below to get started!