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Free Website Analysis by who?

As someone in the website design and search engine strategy marketplace, I am always curious when I get certain emails that come my way. Today I received one that made me laugh.

The title:
Free Website Analysis worth $399

Ok, so contrary to my own advice, I opened it. (There were no attachments!) The text of the email spoke of how ranking high in the search engines can be beneficial and how they could provide a free analysis of my website to make sure got good search engine rankings. At the bottom was the name of their website, so I went to check them out…

Here is what I got when I visited the website:

Web design company "under construction" but offers me advice? Let's get real!

SEO company "under construction" but offers me advice? Let's get real!

What? And you are going to help me get ranked on Google? How about finishing your pages!

Quite frankly, this is not surprising. There are a number of “SEO experts” out there that will offer you the sun and the stars, but with no validation at all. I mean if you can’t even get a simple website up and running, how are you going to offer me Search Engine Optimization?

I just found this amusing. What do you think? Should they at least have a website up first?

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