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Lead Generating Websites

Generate more business leads

Generate more business leads

Generate and Convert Leads

A website that actually provides you with leads for your business? What a novel concept! And yet, that is one of the fundamental elements behind the Found By Design system. In our estimation, your website should be part of your sales force and should be an investment that actually provides you with a return on that investment.

Most website providers will help create a website that is akin to a beautiful store. But in reality, if no one shops at that store, its beauty will not keep it going. Likewise, if people visit the store but never really want to buy anything, how fruitful will it be? At Found By Design, we are bout more than just good looks! We  actually teach you how to drive traffic to your website and help you establish methods to convert those visitors to leads.

Validate Me Please

For too many people (much of your competition actually!) they view a website much as a parking lot. All they want out of it is validation! What has that to do with a website? Everything!

If your website does not produce new leads, it is nothing more than a validation tool. In other words, if your website visitors are referred there by you, by your business card or by another referral method (such as a business associate) then your website is simply there to validate that you are indeed you doing what you do. That’s because in one way or another these visitors have already become leads before they go to your website… they were referred to your site by someone that would have referred them to you even if you didn’t have a site!

Beyond Validation

Our focus at Found By Design is to make your website a lead generating website. We want to increase your business leads by finding and attracting people that would have not found you any other way! And with 70-80% of Americans now using the internet to find what they are seeking, there is a very large number of leads that you can get from this method! Let’s say Joe is seeking a real estate agent and does a search on Google. He will click around at the first few that pop up and if he likes what he see, Joe will contact that agent. At this point, this is a new lead for the agent as Joe was not referred by another client, associate or even by shaking hands in the grocery market! This is what a Found By Design website can do for you, regardless of your business!

Get More Business Leads Now with Found By Design

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