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Newsletters and Email Marketing Services

Comparing newsletter email marketing system

Comparing email marketing newsletter systems

One of the more important functions of a good web presence is the ability to keep in touch with your readers and visitors, who we hope will eventually become clients, customers and partners. Any quality website will have a number of options available for visitors to reach out, including RSS feeds, Contact forms, posted phone numbers and best of all, newsletters.

While this is not an exhaustive list of providers, we will explore a few of the best options available today.



Feedburner is a free service offered by Google. While this is not specifically a newsletter, it can be used to to keep in touch with your reader base on a very regular basis. By signing up with Feedburner, your most recent articles are automatically emailed to subscribed users. Every article you post to your site will be sent on a daily basis to your subscribers. You can track the number of subscribers and a few other stats as well. The added benefits of this system would include yet another way for Google to notice your content, the ability to keep fresh content in front of those interested and the low low cost of free! This is the default method used by websites.

Constant Contact

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a virtual newsletter company. For as little as $15 a month* Constant Contact offers email marketing plans. It works like this… Your readers/visitors sign up on your website and their email address is added to your mailing list. The you have the ability to put together a newsletter, email marketing campaign or even just a blast email that is sent out to your clients. The biggest differences between this and Feedburner is that it does not automatically send content to your subscribers and it is not free. The added benefit is that you can send emails to everyone on that list whenever you want. Constant Contact makes it easy and affordable to build strong relationships with your customers.

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iContact - Email Marketing Service

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iContact offers one of the best combination of services in this field. They offer Newsletters, RSS subscriptions, Email Marketing, Surveys and Auto-Responders. The great thing about iContact is that for as little as $10 a month, you can not only send Newsletters like Constant Contact, you can also send your latest articles via their RSS service just like Feedburner. Even better though is that you can also offer Surveys and Auto-Responders in that same pricing structure!

Auto-responders can be powerful for website owners. Simply set up a series of emails that you would like to send to new subscribers and decide when they should be sent. For example, lets say a subscriber wants information on buying a home. When they subscribe, the first email going out would talk about the overall process. Two days later, a second email is sent out describing the mortgage process. A third one goes out a week later describing how to find just the right home. And on and on it goes…

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