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Top 5 Reasons to Get Found

Top 5 Reasons to Be Found Online

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Found Online

Every business needs a good website. Beyond that, your website should be optimized properly to be ranked well in popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Everyday millions of people use the internet to find, explore and research products, goods and services. Yet too many businesses and professionals are happy just to have a basic website. Here are the top reasons your business needs to be findable in the search engines.

5. Brandability

You are working hard every day to create a brand for yourself and your business. A good brand is more than just a reputation. It helps to frame the mindset of potential clients and customers that you come in to contact with. Without a recognizable brand, your business is just “another company.” A great job at branding a business will help give a small business a larger impression. So it is important that when people are looking for your goods and services, that they are able to see your brand on a repetitive basis. This will increase the percentages of being able to close the sale or land that client!

4. Make your investments worthwhile

A good website is not cheap. Sure there are “free business websites” available online, but in reality your clients and prospects can tell you went free! The quality of your marketing matters, from your website itself to the advertisements, pamphlets and brochures you produce. Even your business cards speak to the quality of your business. So to make sure you have that right image, you spend the money to make the investment worthwhile. The same should go into your website. If it is not findable by would be prospective clients when they search for your business or service, then you have wasted your time and money!

3. The Economy

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) the economy today will not allow you to take shortcuts. You must make every penny count. Cutting back and getting efficient in your business is a necessity; however, going cheap is not acceptable. Cut back on staff where jobs overlap or on advertisements that just aren’t fruitful. Get efficient in the way you do things, like networking, delivery of your product and overall expenses. But for crying out loud, don’t go cutting back on your website! Your website may be the single most efficient prospecting, networking and marketing tool you have! People are looking for your product or service… they need to find you!

2. Networking Opportunities

Traditional advertising is beginning to take a back seat to a new phenomenon known as Social Networking. More and more people are signing up with services like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These networks of people that share similar interests are powerful for your marketing and networking needs. If someone discovers your product or service, they are likely to tell others within their network, exposing you to countless prospects across the internet. Having a website that can be found in the search engines not only gives more opportunity for people to find and recommend your product or service on their network, but also gives greater credibility to that recommendation!

1. Increase Found Business

Overall, the greatest advantage of having a website that can be found in the search engine results is an increase in new business! Advertising, shaking hands, giving out brochures and other traditional methods of marketing will only reach so far. With the unreal number of online searches happening for the product or service you provide, there is a huge market of prospective clients and customers actively seeking what you have to offer. If your website is ranked well in the search engines, you can capture buyers and clients when they are looking for you, rather than you having to look for them! This alone should make any business owner or professional want to have a great website that is highly ranked in the search engines!


So as you can see, having a solid website that is optimized to rank well in Google, Yahoo and Bing will strengthen your branding, make your investments worth the money, help you get through a rough economy, create new networks of potential clients and increase new business opportunities. With so many reasons to get ranked, every business should have a dedicated focus on proper website optimization and search engine strategy. Putting the proper attention on your website could mean a much better bottom line, this year and years to come!

With website packages starting under $20, Found By Design specializes in producing affordable websites for businesses that are optimized for search engine ranking. Let us help take your business and online presence to the next level and increase your brand, your network and your bottom line! Sign up for your new affordable business website today.

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