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Real Estate Website Design

Real Estate Website Design
Real Estate Website Design should be more than just a “pretty face.” Sure, you can hire designers to create a “one of a kind” website that look great, but usually at a high price with little care for the actual results you get! But if that real estate website design does not incorporate functions to generate leads, you have wasted your money!

Solid Real Estate Website Design should accomplish at least the following:

  • Get you ranked in the Search Engines (proper SEO strategies)
  • Encourage Search Engine Users to click though to your website
  • Once there, have a pleasant look and feel
  • Immediately provide visitor with relavent information
  • Provide lead generating options
  • Showcase your knowledge and expertise
  • Inspire questions and interaction from visitors

Found By Design specializes in Website Design for Real Estate that generate leads. We provide sharp looking websites that get ranked and encourage visitors to contact you for further help. All the while, your Found By Design real estate website will showcase you as THE local real estate expert!

Find out more about Real Estate Website Design and inquire about getting started today!


  1. Lia says:

    Hi. I’m thinking of starting up a small fsbo business and I’m currently a Realtor. I’d like to create a fsbo website with mls capabilities (kind of a one-stop-shop). If I discontinue my membership with NAR, am I able to access MLS on my own website… do I need to be a member of my local MLS?

  2. Ed Nailor says:

    In order to have an IDX system on your website, your local MLS board will have to approve the implementation and setup. As a general rule, most MLS boards require you be a member in order to have access to the IDX feed. I would recommend you ask your local MLS board to clarify for sure.

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