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Real Estate Agent and REALTOR® Websites

Websites for real estate agents

Lead generating websites for real estate agents

Our most successful Real Estate Websites use a combination of our professional website design themes, IDX / MLS real estate market integration and solid SEO strategies. As a real estate agent, a great website can make a major difference in your business.

In early 2009, NAR (The National Association of REALTORS®) reported that nearly 87% of home buyers used the internet during their home buying process. This means that of the nearly 5 million existing home sales in 2008, some 4.2 million home buyers used the internet during their buying process! If your area sold just 100,000 homes this year, you would have a better opportunity to capture your share of 87,000 home buyers! Even if you just got 1/2 of 1%, you’d still end up with 435 buyers a year!

Real Estate Lead Generation

If you are a REALTOR®, you can easily generate real estate leads (both buyers and sellers) and become the local expert by showcasing your knowledge of the area and the market. With a Found By Design real estate website, Real Estate Agents can really benefit from our services, and in most cases save money over their current online services.

A new standard in Real Estate Websites

A new standard in Real Estate Websites

As a matter of fact, Found By Design is setting a new standard in the Real Estate Website market. Until now you have had only a few options for REALTOR® Websites. You could do it yourself, but that requires an in-depth knowledge of coding and design, along with the extra time to make it happen. You could hire a professional to do a custom designed website, but that is very expensive to create and maintain. You could use one of the many generic templated “real estate website” providers, but they all have the same basic content and offer limited personalized options. Of course, if you are part of a big company, you could use one of the company websites, but they are integrated with the company and offer very little in customization or optimization… besides, what if you change companies?

Now, you have a new, refreshing choice in real estate web design and marketing!

At Found By Design, we offer a complete service that provides design themes optimized for real estate, along with the ability to include fresh, unique and relevant content. Unlike many of the competitors, Found By Design is dedicated to helping you find success in your REALTOR® business, not just selling you a website!

REALTOR® is a registered trademark of The National Association of REALTORS (NAR)