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Top 5 Website Redesign Questions

Website Redesign Tips

Top 5 Website Redesign Questions

Redesigning a website can be a tricky thing. Before beginning you really need to think it through. You also need to think beyond what the website redesign will look like. There are more considerations to take into account.

1. Why?

Why are you wanting to redesign your website? Do you feel the look is just boring and needs an update? Have you changed the overall design of your company’s marketing? Is it just not getting traffic and you are seeking any change that might help? Be sure that the reason for a website redesign is a valid one and that it actually addresses the problem you see with your current design.

2. How will this affect traffic?

Right now you probably have some sort of normal traffic on your website. If done right, you have regular visitors that come back more and more. But if you make changes, how will that affect your normal visitors? Will a website redesign scare them off or confuse them? Be sure you have a good handle on how the changes will affect your current visitors.

3. How will this affect your SEO efforts?

Many times when people redesign a website, they also move content around for a better look and feel. While that can be a good thing, if not done properly, it can also mean a loss of major SEO efforts already put into your current website design. Pages moved could break valuable incoming links. Content changes could affect how well a page ranks in the SERPs. (search engine results pages)

4.  How frequently are you changing designs?

Much like item number 2, if you frequently redesign your website, your visitors will get lost, confused and many will just stop coming. Be sure that if you are going to redesign your website, do it once and wait a long time before any future redesigns. This will minimize frustrating your current traffic.

5. Should you even redesign your website?

I have seen examples where 2 different versions of a website had the exact same results in traffic and conversions. A website redesign in and of itself does not mean new traffic will come. So be sure you should do this before you start.

A website redesign is not an easy undertaking. You must be able to dedicate time and have patience, especially if you are doing it yourself. Careful attention must be paid to items such as usability, content, links and continuity. Don’t rush the process and always keep in mind that redesigning a website always takes longer that you expected!

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