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Business Adsense 2009 - Free Adsense Wordpress Theme

Click to Download Business Adsense 2009 for Wordpress

Download Business Adsense 2009 for Wordpress

Just Released! Business Adsense 2009 is a free theme for Wordpress users suited for business and professional Wordpress blogs and websites. This theme comes with 5 different color choices and is adsense ready. All you have to do is add your own details and off you go! Check out all the features you get for free!

  • Fixed-Width (1000 px) design
  • Google Adsense Ready (right sidebar)
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • Widget-Ready
  • 3-Columns
  • Right and Left Sidebars
  • Colors: Blue , Green, Rose, Tan, Yellow
  • Valid XHTML code
  • Custom Footer Options
  • Business, Corporate, Professionals

Get your free Adsense Ready Wordpress theme today:

Download Business Adsense 2009 for Wordpress now

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